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20240512 ADSO DISCUSSION PAPER 1-2024 Policy Objectives 2022-2025 (003)


ADSO members,

The attached two Discussion Papers are the first of other ADSO Papers on relevant subjects that from time to time will be sent to you for your consideration to help in the formulation of ADSO’s Decisions, Policies and Operational Plans.

Comments on all our Discussion Papers are invited.

In both Papers I’ve colour coded those policies/issues still alive but not acted upon by Government and others where Government action is afoot. Both Papers will assist your preparation for the After-AGM Discussion Forum on 31 May 2024.

Attachment 1. Current ADSO Policy Objectives

In preparation for the next Federal Election (possible in the time range of November 2024-May 2025) we need to review our current Policy Objectives 2022-2025 and to recognise that both the present Labor Government and Coalition Opposition failed to respond to our

request (April 2022) for their consideration and response before, nor since the 2022 Election.

Note that the Status Table is an example from a previous Election.

Attachment 2. ADSO’S Current Defence Family Concerns

This Paper identifies current Defence Family Concerns. There may be others specific to you own organisation: if so please tell me with a summary for addition to our List.

Note that this document will form the core part of our forthcoming ADSO Update.



Acting ADSO Secretary

If I do not answer your call please send a text message to return your call

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