SA Branch

Welcome to The Royal Australian Regiment Association – South Australia Branch.   We are a not for profit mutual association of past and present infantry servicemen who have served in or are currently serving in an Infantry Battalion of the Regiment. We exist to serve our members and to achieve the Association’s Aims.

Our Purpose


  • fostering and protecting the interests of its Members and their members and their families in any matter likely to be relevant to them during or after their service in the Royal Australian Regiment;
  • providing advice and guidance to the Members and their members;
  • perpetuating the close bonds of comradeship and esprit de corps created by  service in the Royal Australian Regiment;
  • preserving the memory of those members of the Regiment who have died on active and overseas service;
  • representing the interests of the serving and ex-serving members of the Regiment and their families;
  • planning, organising and developing benefit services and conducting events related to the Members and the Regiment;
  • developing and representing, the Members view on matters of interest to appropriate parties;
  • conducting  fund raising activities; and
  • fostering, promoting and supporting the formation and growth of  Members in our Association.
The Association is “Keeping the Spirit Alive”. It recognises that the Regiment’s binding force is that welded by its men who in serving Australia in the Regiment developed an esprit de corps, second to none, for its living and its dead.The Association fosters and keeps that spirit alive through caring for each other in mateship and in remembrance of those who died and are memorialised in the Regiment’s National Memorial Walk.