Army Newspaper Edition 1394 – 20 April 17

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ROAD TO READY: Exercise Silicon Brolga may have been cut short by Tropical Cyclone Debbie, but it still proved a challenging hit-out for the 800 troops of the 1RAR Battle Group as 3 Bde prepares to come online – COVER, CENTRE

CYCLONE RECOVERY: Soldiers have been integral in the clean-up efforts across North Queensland following Tropical Cyclone Debbie - PAGES 2-5

IN FLANDERS FIELDS: Mud of the Western Front once hampered our diggers and consumed the bodies of their fallen comrades. Now that mud has been scattered on a newly dedicated commemorative garden at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra – PAGE 7

TAJI TRAINING SUCCESS: Iraqi Army soldiers are embracing the benefits of Aussie and Kiwi military expertise at the Taji Military Complex near Baghdad – PAGES 8-9

BUILDING CAPABILITY FROM THE GROUND UP: A shooting trial to align with the introduction of the EF88 is reaping rewards at Kapooka - PAGES 14-15

AND IN SPORT: Capt James McKew, of ADFA, has made the Australian wingsuiting team and will compete in the US in November - BACK PAGE       


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Pocket Book for National Servicemen

Courtesy of the 5RAR website, here is some historical information which may help revive a number of fading memories

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Long Tan Production Video Clips

The collection of video clips was produced by Malcolm McKinnon for a project called Ripples of Wartime, coinciding with the season of Verity Laughton’s play Long Tan.

The stories all hold up on their own, but they also have a collective impact and meaning that is more than the sum of their parts.   Courtesy of  Malcolm McKinnon.

Of particular interest are the clips involving Frank Clarke (5 RAR First Tour) and RARA SA Member Di Fairhead

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2/4 RARA 2017 AGM Details

Please be advised that 2/4 RARA will be conducting our 2017 AGM (Mercure Canberra – 26 Aug) and AWM Plaque Dedication Ceremony (AWM – 25 Aug). Specific details are provided on the 2/4 RARA Website at and will be updated as further info is provided.  

All former 2/4 RAR Officers and Soldiers, and RARA members who have an affiliation with the battalion are invited to attend. 

 Max Walker, OAM


2/4 RARA

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Employment Opportunities with Wilson Security

The attached refers to an employment opportunity being offered by the Arnold Group Australia the authorised recruitment representative for Wilson Security and their engagement throughout the Commonwealth Games being held on the Gold Coast QLD in 2018.


They are very keen to engage to recruit a significant number of returned services people for Wilson Security.

Interested persons are invited to provide their expression of interest and details at

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Latest Think Piece from Veterans SA

The 100th contribution comes from  The Hon Martin Hamilton-Smith MP, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.   An interesting read concerning a close call Martin had whilst serving with the SAS.  You can read it here This week marks a milestone for the Veterans SA Think Piece Series

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Arrival of David Beacham

Dave Beacham arrived at Torrens Parade Ground yesterday 31 March to a good sized welcoming committee, including his Mum & Dad.

Rod Graham presented a cheque for $1,000 from the RARA SA Welfare Fund.  The 3 RAR Assn SA also presented cash to Dave.

In his speech, Dave advised that over $10,000 had been raised thus far.  This amount will be sufficient to commence construction of the retreat.

Click on the photos for captions and improved viewing.


An informative newspaper article here  http:/


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Latest Infantryman

Here is the April 2017 edition Infantryman April 2017

You can view the November 2016 edition here Infantryman November final 16.11.2016

the August 2016 edition here Infantryman August

and the April 2016 edition here Infantryman+April+2016

There are numerous excellent articles and a list of activities at HQ for the foreseeable future.

Archived Infantryman are under the Infantryman tab.

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Latest Issue of Holdfast for March 2017, Issue No 30

 Here is the latest Holdfast.  There is a very interesting article about FSB Andersen during February 1968.  Many of our 3RAR comrades will remember this Operation

Here is the link to the Tunnel Rats Newsletter page

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Hat Dich Commemoration Service Report by Adrian Craig

Around 60 people from a wide cross-section of community members from battalion and association members to politicians and the catafalque party members, young men from 7 RAR, attended the combined regiments 48th Anniversary Hat Dich Commemoration Service at the Royal Australian, Regiment Association RSL Hall at Linden Park on February 19.

Photos courtesy of Bruce & Penelope Forster (as always, click on photos for better viewing)

Top L to R; Catafalque Party, Wreathes for Poppies, Sandra & Adrian Craig, Jan & David Stacey

Bottom L to R; Craig Haydock, John Genovese & Rod Harris, Vicki Chapman MP (Member for Bragg), her grand daughter Adelaide & Francis Bedford MP (Member for Florey), The Terrace Singers and Catherine Lambert.

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7RAR Presentation to RARA SA

The RSM and CO of 7RAR presented a flag to the RARA SA on 14 December 2016.  This flag represents one of the 7RAR soldiers Killed In Action and was flown over the 7RAR base in Iraq during September 2016.

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2016 RARA SA Xmas Show

A number of photos to view, as ever, click on the photo to increase the size

2016 RARA Xmas1 2016 RARA Xmas Women with crackers 2016 RARA Xmas Raffle winner Joy 2016 RARA Xmas Heather Dwiar & Joy Johnson with hams 2016 RARA Xmas Craig Nicholls & Penelope with pudding. Margery Parkes background 2016 RARA Xmas Craig & Co 2016 RARA Xmas cracker shot 2016 RARA Xmas Arthur & wife and ann Dennis serving pudding 2016 RARA Xmas  John Hadaway & Mike Bevan with hams

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RARA SA President Mike von Berg visiting 5RAR in Darwin

Mike had this to say: ” Proud to speak to the 5 RAR Recon Platoon and then present the Student of Merit prize to Private Howard after the recent Recon Selection Course. Its great to see a young bright soldier like Private Howard who has only been in the Battalion for six months blitz the field.”    As always, click on the photo to enlarge.

5RAR Recon 13 Oct 2016


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RARA National Conference

The RARA National Conference was held in Adelaide Monday and Tuesday 3 & 4 October.

Here are a few photos of a number of the participants;


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Jock (Robbie) Buchan – a 6RAR Soldier lost but now found

An interesting article concerning Jock Buchan, KIA 11 December 1969, his ashes found in Scotland!

You can read it here  Buchan Article


Further to the above article, comments and a link from Paul Jackson, Jock’s Platoon Commander.

Hi Fred, 

What a special journey. It is hard to believe that after almost 50 years we have finally completed Jock’s story. We have come so far over the past year or so. A little over 12 months ago those involved in the action, Jock’s closest mates, did not even know where his body had gone after watching him being wrapped in a hutchie, tied on to a jungle penetrator and then winched slowly up to the hovering Dustoff chopper. Due to the tireless and dedicated work of a group of committed brothers-in-arms, Jock’s sacrifice has now been properly recognised, first with a Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial and now with your special service at his gravesite in far off Scotland. 

Most of you reading this email would not be aware that Jock Buchan’s death holds a very special place in our Vietnam war history. On the day of the action, an official Army photographer was moving with the company and took a series of photographs immediately after the contact. Of the many thousands of photographs taken during the Vietnam War, these are the only ones that actually record the death of an Australian soldier. For this reason I believe that Jock’s death has become symbolic of all those Australians who lost their lives in that conflict. Too graphic and politically sensitive to be publicly released at the time, the images are a poignant reminder of the human cost of war. 

The importance of this series of photographs is also well recognised by the AWM who have been corresponding with me recently seeking help identifying other members of the platoon captured in those iconic images. With your agreement Fred I would like to send your article to the Head Curator, Photographs, Film and Sound at the AWM. She has already expressed interest in the Dundee ceremony. I believe that this would also be an appropriate place for ‘Jock’s Story’ to be recorded.   

On behalf of all Jock’s 12 Platoon brothers, well done and thank you. 



ps For those interested, the AWM link to those photographs is attached below: 



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Regimental Dinner Photos (25 June 16) – click on the photo to enlarge

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A Duty Done

Here is the final copy of  A DUTY DONE Addendum   The Addendum describes a number of new operations, including;  three by 1RAR in 1965 (Iron Triangle, New Life and Smash), two by 9RAR in 1969 (Matthew and Hat Dich), one by 5RAR in 1969 (Kings Cross) and the one by 6RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion on 17/18 August 1969 when the original Long Tan Cross was erected. It is necessary to have a copy of A Duty Done to read the Addendum.

And here is a name index to be used in conjunction with the original A Duty Done A Duty Done Index of Names

Here is the Price List for A Duty Done and Addendum

To order this excellent book, please view this  A Duty Done Order_Form_Sep

If paying by EFT, please ensure you place your initials and surname as the reference.  If you have a specific book number, also please insert that ,e.g.  VX Smith 591

You can also read the original A Duty Done here.

Please note the erratum for A Duty Done A Duty Done Erratum

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RSL Virtual War Memorial – Updated site

If you have not visited this site yet, it is very interesting and has some current members of the RARA SA on it, including the President, Mike von Berg MC OAM and Robert “Dogs”Kearney.

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Vietnam War: new book on D445 and the Battle of Long Tan

Chamberlain, Ernest: The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story (and the Battle of Long Tan). Vietnam Veteran and linguist Ernie Chamberlain has recently written and privately-published a book that would certainly interest all who served in Phuoc Tuy province during the Vietnam War. The core of the work is a translation of D445 Battalion’s history - as written by Vietnamese historians in 2004. In order to provide context – and to analyse and comment upon the Vietnamese writings, the book is comprehensively referenced. The comments cite a large number of captured NVA/VC documents – many not previously translated or available to researchers. Additionally, signals intelligence (SIGINT) material related to the Battle of Long Tan – that was only declassified and released to the author in February 2016, is also included. The work also has 18 annexes covering aspects such as VC personalities, an analysis of casualties at Long Tan, SIGINT, the 275 VC Regiment etc.  While the book is not available commercially, the text of the book has been placed on the Internet as  –

Perhaps the sections of most interest to veterans include the Viet Cong’s version of the Battle of Long Tan on 18 August 1966 – including the first available VC sketch map of the Battle, and SIGINT aspects.

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Recent Photo of C Coy 7RAR

See attached photo of C Coy 7RAR with RARA SA Patron Laurie Lewis and A Duty Done Author, Fred Fairhead   C Coy 7RAR (002)

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