DVA Client Satisfaction Survey – Results

I am writing to let you know the results of the 2018 Client Satisfaction Survey results are being released today.

Please find attached the survey results in the form of:

  • a two-page fact sheet showing a high-level summary of overall satisfaction, and
  • the Results Summary report, a more detailed breakdown of all survey results.

While I am pleased to see overall satisfaction with the Department remains above 80 per cent, I acknowledge the overall rating is slightly lower than in previous years.

Early analysis shows that the overall drop in satisfaction is driven by a small decline in satisfaction for the 65+ client group (from 92 per cent to 89 per cent) which has a big effect due to the size of this group. This drop masks improved satisfaction ratings for the two younger cohorts (45-64 years and the under 45 years groups).

For clients aged 45-64 years satisfaction has improved from 69 per cent in 2016 to 72 per cent in 2018. Dissatisfaction amongst this group (45-64 years) has also improved, with 2018 results showing that approximately 9 per cent reported being dissatisfied as opposed to 14 per cent in 2016.

I’m also pleased to see a significant improvement in satisfaction among the Department’s contemporary cohort – up to 56 per cent from 49 per cent in 2016.

There has been a significant shift of satisfaction and dissatisfaction amongst DVA clients aged 45 years and under. The 2018 results show that satisfaction in clients under 45 years is up from 49 per cent in 2016 to 56 per cent in 2018, while dissatisfaction has almost halved, from 31 per cent in 2016 to approximately 15 per cent in 2018.

We know we need to continue to improve to better meet the needs of veterans and their families.

Feedback is a vital indicator to the success of our transformation journey, as we continue collaborating with our clients, and yourselves, to keep you at the centre of everything we do.

You can obtain a full copy of the survey results at www.dva.gov.au/survey.

The DVA Client Satisfaction Survey team is happy to answer any questions about the survey and the results, as well as receive any feedback you may have on the survey, at Client.Survey@dva.gov.au.

I encourage you to distribute this information to your members.

Regards, Liz

Liz Cosson AM CSC


Department of Veterans’ Affairs

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2018 Major Events

Members and Friends of the RARA SA.

On Friday 14 December, our final event of the year will be a Xmas party for members.

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RARA SA 70th Birthday Party

We had a very successful and entertaining party with guests and members enjoying the display provided by Ken Duthie, the jocularity of Rod Graham and historical perspective provided by Fred Fairhead.

Attached is the address given by Fred and a copy of the handout provided for all attendees.

RAR 70th Address

RAR Postcard

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A Duty Done 2nd edition – as of 16 Nov 18

Here is a copy of the 2nd edition of A Duty Done;

A Duty Done 2nd Ed

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Crowd Funding Exercise

There are strong reasons to support this campaign.


Duty First

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Family Toolkit

The Toolkit is series of videos that aims to inform and educate current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and importantly families and friends, about mental health. These videos cover post-traumatic mental health, avenues to treatment and how to best support yourself and your loved one. The videos are designed to break down the stigma around seeking help, and include input from veterans, families, and experts in the field.

 The link directly to the site is:  https://www.boltonclarke.com.au/resources/?resource_category=veteran-family-toolkit

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Latest Issue of Holdfast for August 2018, Issue No 32

Here is the latest Holdfast. 



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August 2018 Edition of the Infantryman

This is the current issue of the Infantryman

Infantryman August

Below for March 2018

Infantryman final 2 March 2018

Below is December 2017

Infantryman December 2017 Dec 4

Below is the August 2017 issue

Infantryman August 2017

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Regimental Dinner 2018

Yet again, a highly enjoyable and successful Dinner with fabulous food, great friends and wonderful comradeship.

A selection of photos below


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Latest Photos from the RARA SA

Greek Night – 4 May 18.

A highly successful evening with more than 65 guests enjoying a feast provided by Tim, Tas, Con & Sia.


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RARA SA Wine Tasting 25 March 2018

What a great afternoon of eating drinking and generally making merry with wonderful friends along with our two very learned wine experts in William Smidmore and Mike von Berg.  Of course without the wonderful team of workers who made it all happen and come together  and of course the Caterers who did a fabulous job and making life a little easier for the team – if I mention names then sure as eggs somebody will be left out and we cannot let that happen.    

So a great day had by all. Cheers. Mrs. Vice (aka Lynn Graham)

And photos – courtesy of Penelope & Bruce Forster – below, as always, click on photos for better viewing and captions.


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RARA SA Regimental Dinner 19 Aug 2017

Here are a few photos of our highly successful dinner.  As always, by selecting a photo you will be able to view a better photo as well as the caption for it.

And some nostalgic memories of our May 2013 Regimental Dinner


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Members 2017 Xmas Party

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Two Items Worth Revisiting

Click on the image for improved viewing, 1967 I think.


Join Army

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RCB Update

Please view the latest news on the RCB campaign here RCB Update

There is an extensive history to this campaign under the Advocacy tab (above).

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The Casualty List

The Casualty List has been off line for some time, here it is revived.

Note by clicking on the sub-headings, unit or coy/pl for example, you can then filter your searches.


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Infantryman Editions

Here is the April 2017 edition Infantryman April 2017

You can view the November 2016 edition here Infantryman November final 16.11.2016

the August 2016 edition here Infantryman August

and the April 2016 edition here Infantryman+April+2016

There are numerous excellent articles and a list of activities at HQ for the foreseeable future.

Archived Infantryman are under the Infantryman tab.

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Pocket Book for National Servicemen

Courtesy of the 5RAR website, here is some historical information which may help revive a number of fading memories


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Jock (Robbie) Buchan – a 6RAR Soldier lost but now found

An interesting article concerning Jock Buchan, KIA 11 December 1969, his ashes found in Scotland!

You can read it here  Buchan Article


Further to the above article, comments and a link from Paul Jackson, Jock’s Platoon Commander.

Hi Fred, 

What a special journey. It is hard to believe that after almost 50 years we have finally completed Jock’s story. We have come so far over the past year or so. A little over 12 months ago those involved in the action, Jock’s closest mates, did not even know where his body had gone after watching him being wrapped in a hutchie, tied on to a jungle penetrator and then winched slowly up to the hovering Dustoff chopper. Due to the tireless and dedicated work of a group of committed brothers-in-arms, Jock’s sacrifice has now been properly recognised, first with a Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial and now with your special service at his gravesite in far off Scotland. 

Most of you reading this email would not be aware that Jock Buchan’s death holds a very special place in our Vietnam war history. On the day of the action, an official Army photographer was moving with the company and took a series of photographs immediately after the contact. Of the many thousands of photographs taken during the Vietnam War, these are the only ones that actually record the death of an Australian soldier. For this reason I believe that Jock’s death has become symbolic of all those Australians who lost their lives in that conflict. Too graphic and politically sensitive to be publicly released at the time, the images are a poignant reminder of the human cost of war. 

The importance of this series of photographs is also well recognised by the AWM who have been corresponding with me recently seeking help identifying other members of the platoon captured in those iconic images. With your agreement Fred I would like to send your article to the Head Curator, Photographs, Film and Sound at the AWM. She has already expressed interest in the Dundee ceremony. I believe that this would also be an appropriate place for ‘Jock’s Story’ to be recorded.   

On behalf of all Jock’s 12 Platoon brothers, well done and thank you. 



ps For those interested, the AWM link to those photographs is attached below: 




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RARA SA Regimental Dinner – 25 June 16

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