Details of Service for Long Tan Day

RAR Assoc. SA Vietnam War including the Battle of Long Tan Commemorative Svc Photos 18 Aug 2019

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RARA SA in July

Family Friday on Friday 12th. July sees this month’s very enticing jackpot of $175.00, awaiting those who turn up to our main social event for the month, in addition to the 2 consolation prizes of $5.00 also awaiting lucky members. Last month’s consolation winner of 2 bottles of wine was Jeffrey Barrett

Notice is again given of the 2019 Annual General Meeting to be held 11.00 AM Sunday 14th July in the Association’s Clubrooms and the attendance of all members is requested to hear a report of the Association’s past 12 month’s activities in addition to the Statement of Account and election of office bearers for this coming 12 month period. Following the AGM, a barbeque lunch with refreshments will be served.

Advance notice is given of the annual Long Tan Day Commemoration Service to be held at the Association Clubrooms, commencing 11:00 AM on Sunday 18th. August, following which a light Luncheon will be served. Further details to follow and any queries should be directed to the Association’s Ceremonial Officer, Adrian Craig  / E:

The 2RAR Association will be holding a Chicken and Champagne Comedy Evening on Saturday 27th. July at the Clubrooms commencing at 7.30 PM featuring Comedian Jarryd Goundry (Ex 2RAR Timor Leste) in aid of Seth McKay who has just competed in the Warrior Games, Tampa Convention Centre, Tampa Bay, Florida. Pte McKay, a serving member of 2RAR (AMPHIP) suffered a stroke leaving him with impairment difficulties and a 10 year memory loss. A hard blow for his family including 3 young children. More information to follow.

Wallis Cinemas and the Army Museum of South Australia invite you to attend a preview of the film Danger Close, the Battle of Long Tan. A preview, commemorating 50 years since the battle, will be held on Sunday, 28 July, 2019, at 4.00pm at Wallis Cinema Mitcham. Tickets costing $10.00, can be obtained on-line at ($1.25 booking fee applies on all tickets) Proceeds to Army Museum SA.

I again remind those who’s membership lapsed on 30th June, their membership renewals are now due, and in conclusion look forward to catching up with you either this Friday or on a following Friday or at the AGM on Sunday 12th.



Greg Dwiar RARA-SA Club Manager

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Army News Edition 1445, 11 July 2019

RAIDING PARTY: Exercise Sea Raider readies amphibious capability ahead of Talisman Sabre – Centre

WARM WELCOME: Family and friends embrace returning soldiers from Iraq - Pages 2-4      

NEW TRICKS AND MORTAR: Tech upgrades improve mortar capability - Page 5

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DVA Relocation Adelaide

Details here

DVA SA relocation flyer

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Minister’s Media Releases

VA064 – Minister Chester – Australia marks Reserve Forces Day

VA061 Minister Chester Statement – Veteran Treatment Cycle

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RSL SA Info _ new info

Attached is a document, with Bio,  in support of Colin Johns for RSL SA/NT President

Dear Presidents

another document posted 16 May.

Dear President 2


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April 2019 Edition of the Infantryman

This is the current issue of the Infantryman

Infantryman April 2019

Below for December 2018

Infantryman December 2018 FINAL

Below for August 2018

Infantryman August

Below for March 2018

Infantryman final 2 March 2018

Below is December 2017

Infantryman December 2017 Dec 4

Below is the August 2017 issue

Infantryman August 2017

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Greek Night

Yet again a very successful Greek Night with nearly 90 attendees and everybody enjoying the food and cameradarie.

Click on the photos for better viewing.

GrrekNight1 GreekNight4 GreekNight3 GreekNight2

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50th Anniversary Battle of Hat Dich Commemoration Service

On Tuesday 19th February 2019 the RAR Association SA conducted a combined units commemorative service for the Battle of Hat Dich (3 December 1968 to 19 February 1969).

The Service was very well supported by the 1st Armoured Regiment and attended by various members of State Parliament and the Mayor of Burnside Council, Anne Monceaux, who has been very supportive of the RARA SA.  The Service was organised by Mr Ceremonial, Adrian Craig, and Russell Campbell was the Master of Ceremonies.

Below are a number of photos of the Service, as always, click on the photo for more detail.

Burnett, Bennett, Rogers - Hat DichCatafalque Party Hat DichCatherine & Guests  Hat DichPiper Hat Dich




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Film posted by John Neervoort

I have posted a number of videos on Youtube of film that I took on 6RAR’s second tour in 1969-70. Each video is about 5 minutes long.  There is no commentary, just appropriate sounds of aircraft/guns/armour and background music. I originally did these for the National Vietnam Veterans Museum so they could be used on a free standing TV operated by the viewer alongside the museum item on display (eg, film of guns firing next to a 105mm howitzer).

One special film is when I went on a flight with Jade 8 (between operations) and witnessed an airstrike by Canberra bombers from the air. Years later after contacting Chris in Texas, he said he had taped the cockpit conversations between the Forward Air Controller (himself) and a flight of Canberra bombers on a similar airstrike. I have included that to add to the authenticity. I believe the film of the bombs dropping from the Canberra is unique in that can only be done from the perspective of a Forward Air Controller.

Vietnam War Aussie Armour

Vietnam War Aussie Artillery

Vietnam War Aussie Airstrike

Vietnam War Aussie Infantry

Vietnam War Aussie Hueys

Vietnam War Aussie Navy

Vietnam War Aussie R&C Vung Tau

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Crowd Funding Exercise

There are strong reasons to support this campaign.

Duty First

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RARA SA 70th Birthday Party

We had a very successful and entertaining party with guests and members enjoying the display provided by Ken Duthie, the jocularity of Rod Graham and historical perspective provided by Fred Fairhead.

Attached is the address given by Fred and a copy of the handout provided for all attendees.

RAR 70th Address

RAR Postcard

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Latest Issue of Holdfast for August 2018, Issue No 32

Here is the latest Holdfast.

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Regimental Dinner 2018

Yet again, a highly enjoyable and successful Dinner with fabulous food, great friends and wonderful comradeship.

A selection of photos below


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Latest Photos from the RARA SA

Greek Night – 4 May 18.

A highly successful evening with more than 65 guests enjoying a feast provided by Tim, Tas, Con & Sia.


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RARA SA Wine Tasting 25 March 2018

What a great afternoon of eating drinking and generally making merry with wonderful friends along with our two very learned wine experts in William Smidmore and Mike von Berg.  Of course without the wonderful team of workers who made it all happen and come together  and of course the Caterers who did a fabulous job and making life a little easier for the team – if I mention names then sure as eggs somebody will be left out and we cannot let that happen.    

So a great day had by all. Cheers. Mrs. Vice (aka Lynn Graham)

And photos – courtesy of Penelope & Bruce Forster – below, as always, click on photos for better viewing and captions.


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RARA SA Regimental Dinner 19 Aug 2017

Here are a few photos of our highly successful dinner.  As always, by selecting a photo you will be able to view a better photo as well as the caption for it.

And some nostalgic memories of our May 2013 Regimental Dinner


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Two Items Worth Revisiting

Click on the image for improved viewing, 1967 I think.


Join Army

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RCB Update

Please view the latest news on the RCB campaign here RCB Update

There is an extensive history to this campaign under the Advocacy tab (above).

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The Casualty List

The Casualty List has been off line for some time, here it is revived.

Note by clicking on the sub-headings, unit or coy/pl for example, you can then filter your searches.

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