Recent news of changes to Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP)

Recent news of changes to the governance of the Advocacy Training and Development Program (ATDP) was shared with the ESO Round Table, through the ATDP governance committees, on the ATDP website, and using the extensive distribution lists for the Advocacy News newsletter and the ATDP Update.

In recognition of the maturity of the ATDP and the need to place it on a sustainable footing to meet the future requirements of advocacy, the governance and management of the ATDP program will move from the current committee structure and transition to a new model, with the administration managed by DVA.  This change will expand the scope for our partner Registered Training Organisation to take on the National Training Manager responsibilities and to support the Continuing Professional Development program. The Strategic Governance Board and Capability Management Framework Group are being dissolved as part of this changes. There will be a clearer legal underpinning for this specific program as a result – an issue raised in recent reviews.

I would like to thank all of those in the veteran community who volunteer or work to provide veterans and their families the help they need.

I especially want to thank the ESO volunteers who have chosen over the years to devote their time, energy, and experience to developing a training program for advocates and then to create the ATDP. Many of these volunteers continue to provide expert industry and training advice, and time away from their families to provide training, assessment, and development activities for current and future ESO advocates.

I have heard that some people in the ESO advocacy community are concerned that these changes will affect the advocacy services delivered by ESOs, and the role of volunteer advocacy. I want to be very clear that this is not the intention.

The changes to the management of the ATDP do not include any changes to the current ESO model of managing and delivering their volunteer and paid advocacy services. The changes are to governance and management of training and development, specifically. We wish to see the ATDP’s current volunteer trainers and assessors continue to help trainee advocates achieve their qualifications for as long as suits them.

The changes will help ATDP continue into the future and ensure that the gains made by the volunteer ATDP governance committees continue to deliver benefits for veterans and their families through ESOs’ advocacy services. ATDP’s role is still to design and make available nationally consistent training courses and development activities for ESO advocates with a focus on what veterans and their families need.

ESOs can continue to nominate people for advocate training through ATDP.

ESOs will still provide wellbeing and compensation advocacy services at no charge to veterans and their families. ESOs established advocacy services many years ago, and this key principle that has not changed.

DVA continues to support ESOs that provide advocacy services to veterans and their families.  This support is from the training organised by the ATDP and through the BEST grant program to cover some of their costs.

To help share this message about the change in how the ATDP is managed, and what is not affected by this change, I encourage you to forward this information to your advocate networks and anyone you think might be interested in what is happening with the ATDP.

DVA is working with stakeholders get their expert advice on transitioning to the new governance arrangements. Day-to-day delivery of advocacy should not be impacted.

If you have any further questions about these changes please contact Carly Partridge who is the DVA Executive responsible for the ATDP by writing to If you have any questions about the ATDP including training opportunities please contact


Liz Cosson AM CSC
Department of Veterans’ Affairs



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Long Tan Commemoration 2021

Details are here;

RAR SA Commemorative Service & Lunch Vietnam War including the Battle of Long Tan 18 Aug 2021 V1

RAR SA Commemorative Service & Lunch Vietnam War including the Battle of Long Tan 18 Aug 2021 V1


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National Day of Commemoration for Middle East Service

Open for comments, please read the attachment below.

Mr Von Berg MC OAM

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Army News Edition Issue 1493, 22 July 2021

In this edition of Army News

  • NEW CHINOOKS: Two new aircraft arrive in Townsville ­– Page 3

  • READY FOR ACTION: Exercise Talisman Sabre kicks off – Pages 4-5
  • ON TARGET: Live-fire training on Boxer turret conversion course – Pages 12-132


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The Royal Commission into Defence and Veterans Suicide

Today the Prime Minister the Hon Scott Morrison MP announced that the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency, General David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), has signed the Letters Patent, officially establishing the Royal Commission. The Letters Patent formally appoint the Commissioners and outline the Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission. These are available for your awareness at the following link.

I believe this Royal Commission is our opportunity to work towards solutions to tackle the devastating issue that impacts our Defence and veteran communities. I look forward to continuing to work with you to support our veterans and their families during what may be a distressing and difficult time for many.  I am committed to ensuring we continue to support our veterans and their families as a priority.

As the Royal Commission has now commenced the Government, Defence and DVA remain completely independent of the process and your inquiries should be forwarded to the Royal Commission directly.The Royal Commission website allows for all interested parties to subscribe to their mailing list here.

Submissions can now be made to the Royal Commission website either through an online form or a paper version can be downloaded via this link and mailed to: GPO Box 3273, Sydney NSW 2001. If you have any issues making a submission or you would like the submission form posted to you then you can ring the Royal Commission on 1800 329 095 between 09:00 and 19:00 AEST Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Liz Cosson AM CSC
Department of Veterans’ Affairs

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Photo of the Week


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Latest RARA SA Infantryman

Hot off the press, Infantryman for April 2021 Infantryman April 2021

December 2020, Infantryman December 20.11.2020

August 2020 here Infantryman 12.8.2020

April 2020 Infantryman April 2020

and, December 2019  Infantryman December 14.12.2019

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TPI and DFRDB Inquiry

See the latest update here

TPI and DFRDB Senate Inquiries

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Latest media releases from Minister Chester – Supporting the Wellbeing of Veterans and Their Families

Chester release – Supporting the wellbeing of veterans and their families

Chester release – Veteran Central opens for business

Media Release The Hon Darren Chester MP

Chester release – Better transition outcomes for veterans

Chester release – Appointment of interim National Commissioner welcomed

Chester release – Practical steps to support veteran mental health

Chester release – Free Suicide Prevention Training for the Veteran Community

Chester release – Veterans’ views sought to shape future engagement

Chester release – 70 years since the start of the Korean War

Chester release – Census night 2021 will count our veterans

Chester release – Health and Stimulus packages support veteran community

Minister Chester media release – Veterans to be counted on 2021 Census

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National Servicemen in Combat

An interesting read    National-Servicemen-in-Combat

Courtesy Dave Wilkins OAM and 5RAR Website

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DFRDB Matters


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Back Issues of the Infantryman

This is the current issue of the Infantryman

Infantryman August 2019

Below for April 2019

Infantryman April 2019

Below for December 2018

Infantryman December 2018 FINAL

Below for August 2018

Infantryman August

Below for March 2018

Infantryman final 2 March 2018

Below is December 2017

Infantryman December 2017 Dec 4

Below is the August 2017 issue

Infantryman August 2017

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Film posted by John Neervoort

I have posted a number of videos on Youtube of film that I took on 6RAR’s second tour in 1969-70. Each video is about 5 minutes long.  There is no commentary, just appropriate sounds of aircraft/guns/armour and background music. I originally did these for the National Vietnam Veterans Museum so they could be used on a free standing TV operated by the viewer alongside the museum item on display (eg, film of guns firing next to a 105mm howitzer).

One special film is when I went on a flight with Jade 8 (between operations) and witnessed an airstrike by Canberra bombers from the air. Years later after contacting Chris in Texas, he said he had taped the cockpit conversations between the Forward Air Controller (himself) and a flight of Canberra bombers on a similar airstrike. I have included that to add to the authenticity. I believe the film of the bombs dropping from the Canberra is unique in that can only be done from the perspective of a Forward Air Controller.

Vietnam War Aussie Armour

Vietnam War Aussie Artillery

Vietnam War Aussie Airstrike

Vietnam War Aussie Infantry

Vietnam War Aussie Hueys

Vietnam War Aussie Navy

Vietnam War Aussie R&C Vung Tau

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Regimental Dinner 2018

Yet again, a highly enjoyable and successful Dinner with fabulous food, great friends and wonderful comradeship.

A selection of photos below


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Latest Photos from the RARA SA

Greek Night – 4 May 18.

A highly successful evening with more than 65 guests enjoying a feast provided by Tim, Tas, Con & Sia.


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RARA SA Wine Tasting 25 March 2018

What a great afternoon of eating drinking and generally making merry with wonderful friends along with our two very learned wine experts in William Smidmore and Mike von Berg.  Of course without the wonderful team of workers who made it all happen and come together  and of course the Caterers who did a fabulous job and making life a little easier for the team – if I mention names then sure as eggs somebody will be left out and we cannot let that happen.    

So a great day had by all. Cheers. Mrs. Vice (aka Lynn Graham)

And photos – courtesy of Penelope & Bruce Forster – below, as always, click on photos for better viewing and captions.


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RARA SA Regimental Dinner 19 Aug 2017

Here are a few photos of our highly successful dinner.  As always, by selecting a photo you will be able to view a better photo as well as the caption for it.

And some nostalgic memories of our May 2013 Regimental Dinner


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Two Items Worth Revisiting

Click on the image for improved viewing, 1967 I think.


Join Army

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RCB Update

Please view the latest news on the RCB campaign here RCB Update

There is an extensive history to this campaign under the Advocacy tab (above).

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The Casualty List

The Casualty List has been off line for some time, here it is revived.

Note by clicking on the sub-headings, unit or coy/pl for example, you can then filter your searches.

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