Details of the 2022 Anzac Day March

2022 Adelaide ANZAC Day Commemorative March

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Army News Edition Issue 1502, 25 November 2021

In this edition of Army News


  • HITTING TARGETS: Vaccine rollout success - Page 2
  • TOP EFFORTS: Soldiers’ Medallion recipients - Page 4
  • MILESTONE: 70 years of recruit training at Kapooka - Pages 16-17
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Photo of the Week

Lynn Graham, Noel Smith & Beryl Kearns

Lynn Graham, Noel Smith & Beryl Kearns

RegDinner_GwendaLarkins_Di Fairhead



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Out of Session Paper: Reforms for the care and support sector arising from the 2021-22 Budget

ESORT Paper oos – consultation with DVA clients- V2 Oct 2021

Fact Sheet – Review Oct 2021

DVA program review_Talking to veterans

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Latest media releases from Minister for Veteran Affairs – Veterans’ Health Week

211015 – Media Release – Minister Gee – Veterans’ Health Week

Snapshot of AIHW Report – Veterans Segment

Additional mental health support for white card holders

Chester release – Supporting the wellbeing of veterans and their families

Chester release – Veteran Central opens for business

Media Release The Hon Darren Chester MP

Chester release – Better transition outcomes for veterans

Chester release – Appointment of interim National Commissioner welcomed

Chester release – Practical steps to support veteran mental health

Chester release – Free Suicide Prevention Training for the Veteran Community

Chester release – Veterans’ views sought to shape future engagement

Chester release – Health and Stimulus packages support veteran community

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Finalisation of investigations at the September 2021 Repatriation Medical Authority meeting

Please find attached correspondence detailing the investigations finalised by the Repatriation Medical Authority at its September 2021 meeting.

Schedule of completed investigations – RMA meeting September 2021

Multiple investigations – Letter to stakeholders – outcome of investigations – 11 October 2021

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Announcement from Interim National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention

Please see attachments;

Announcement from Interim National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention


Stakeholder letterFactsheet -

Legal financial assistance scheme – National legal advisory 


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Latest RARA SA Infantryman

Hot off the press, Infantryman for July 2021 Infantryman 30 July 2021

April 2021 Infantryman April 2021

December 2020, Infantryman December 20.11.2020

August 2020 here Infantryman 12.8.2020

April 2020 Infantryman April 2020

and, December 2019  Infantryman December 14.12.2019

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TPI and DFRDB Inquiry

See the latest update here

TPI and DFRDB Senate Inquiries

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National Servicemen in Combat

An interesting read    National-Servicemen-in-Combat

Courtesy Dave Wilkins OAM and 5RAR Website

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DFRDB Matters


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Back Issues of the Infantryman

This is the current issue of the Infantryman

Infantryman August 2019

Below for April 2019

Infantryman April 2019

Below for December 2018

Infantryman December 2018 FINAL

Below for August 2018

Infantryman August

Below for March 2018

Infantryman final 2 March 2018

Below is December 2017

Infantryman December 2017 Dec 4

Below is the August 2017 issue

Infantryman August 2017

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Film posted by John Neervoort

I have posted a number of videos on Youtube of film that I took on 6RAR’s second tour in 1969-70. Each video is about 5 minutes long.  There is no commentary, just appropriate sounds of aircraft/guns/armour and background music. I originally did these for the National Vietnam Veterans Museum so they could be used on a free standing TV operated by the viewer alongside the museum item on display (eg, film of guns firing next to a 105mm howitzer).

One special film is when I went on a flight with Jade 8 (between operations) and witnessed an airstrike by Canberra bombers from the air. Years later after contacting Chris in Texas, he said he had taped the cockpit conversations between the Forward Air Controller (himself) and a flight of Canberra bombers on a similar airstrike. I have included that to add to the authenticity. I believe the film of the bombs dropping from the Canberra is unique in that can only be done from the perspective of a Forward Air Controller.

Vietnam War Aussie Armour

Vietnam War Aussie Artillery

Vietnam War Aussie Airstrike

Vietnam War Aussie Infantry

Vietnam War Aussie Hueys

Vietnam War Aussie Navy

Vietnam War Aussie R&C Vung Tau

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Two Items Worth Revisiting

Click on the image for improved viewing, 1967 I think.


Join Army

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RCB Update

Please view the latest news on the RCB campaign here RCB Update

There is an extensive history to this campaign under the Advocacy tab (above).

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The Casualty List

The Casualty List has been off line for some time, here it is revived.

Note by clicking on the sub-headings, unit or coy/pl for example, you can then filter your searches.

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Infantryman Editions

Here is the April 2017 edition Infantryman April 2017

You can view the November 2016 edition here Infantryman November final 16.11.2016

the August 2016 edition here Infantryman August

and the April 2016 edition here Infantryman+April+2016

There are numerous excellent articles and a list of activities at HQ for the foreseeable future.

Archived Infantryman are under the Infantryman tab.

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Pocket Book for National Servicemen

Courtesy of the 5RAR website, here is some historical information which may help revive a number of fading memories

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Jock (Robbie) Buchan – a 6RAR Soldier lost but now found

An interesting article concerning Jock Buchan, KIA 11 December 1969, his ashes found in Scotland!

You can read it here  Buchan Article


Further to the above article, comments and a link from Paul Jackson, Jock’s Platoon Commander.

Hi Fred, 

What a special journey. It is hard to believe that after almost 50 years we have finally completed Jock’s story. We have come so far over the past year or so. A little over 12 months ago those involved in the action, Jock’s closest mates, did not even know where his body had gone after watching him being wrapped in a hutchie, tied on to a jungle penetrator and then winched slowly up to the hovering Dustoff chopper. Due to the tireless and dedicated work of a group of committed brothers-in-arms, Jock’s sacrifice has now been properly recognised, first with a Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial and now with your special service at his gravesite in far off Scotland. 

Most of you reading this email would not be aware that Jock Buchan’s death holds a very special place in our Vietnam war history. On the day of the action, an official Army photographer was moving with the company and took a series of photographs immediately after the contact. Of the many thousands of photographs taken during the Vietnam War, these are the only ones that actually record the death of an Australian soldier. For this reason I believe that Jock’s death has become symbolic of all those Australians who lost their lives in that conflict. Too graphic and politically sensitive to be publicly released at the time, the images are a poignant reminder of the human cost of war. 

The importance of this series of photographs is also well recognised by the AWM who have been corresponding with me recently seeking help identifying other members of the platoon captured in those iconic images. With your agreement Fred I would like to send your article to the Head Curator, Photographs, Film and Sound at the AWM. She has already expressed interest in the Dundee ceremony. I believe that this would also be an appropriate place for ‘Jock’s Story’ to be recorded.   

On behalf of all Jock’s 12 Platoon brothers, well done and thank you. 



ps For those interested, the AWM link to those photographs is attached below: 



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RSL Virtual War Memorial – Updated site

If you have not visited this site yet, it is very interesting and has some current members of the RARA SA on it, including the President, Mike von Berg MC OAM and Robert “Dogs”Kearney.

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