Tehan Media Release – Veteran Pensions Set to Increase

Veteran pension payments have increased in line with the biannual indexation.

The increase will cover pension recipients including veterans, their partners, war widows and widowers.

Due to the calculation of pension rates on a daily basis, the first pension paid after the indexation on payday 28 September 2017 will comprise a component of both the old and new rates.

The new pension rates will be fully effective from pension payday 12 October 2017.

Read about it here Tehan release – Veteran pension set to increase

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“Don’t forget me, Cobber” Fundraising Luncheon – 6 October 17

The RSL Virtual War Memorial is the only memorial of its kind nationally and internationally.
It is unparalleled in its ability to capture the stories of every Australian who has served
our nation in times of conflict. Hear from our guest presenters about how the individual
experience of war has shaped our nation, its values and the ANZAC spirit.

More details here VWM invitation_2017_FA3

RSVP by 26 September.


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Army Newspaper Edition 1405 – 21 September 17

Read it here   http://www.defence.gov.au/news/armynews/

PEACEKEEPING MEMORIAL: A  memorial to honour the work of more than 80,000 ADF members, police and civilian peacekeepers, was dedicated on Anzac Parade, Canberra, on September 14. – PAGE 3

EXERCISE KOWARI: Thirty soldiers and marines from Australia, the United States and China banded together last month for a challenging week of adventurous training as part of Exercise Kowari. PAGES 1, 4-7

INVICTUS GAMES: Meet our athletes in a special four-page feature.        

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The Waterloo Message

An absolute cracker!


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DVA Claims Management Report

One of the RARA’s most experienced advocates attended.  It is important to get this out there to show all veterans what DVA is trying to achieve and to also counteract some of the statements made by those who constantly attack DVA.

You can read the report here Claims Management Report FINAL

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7RAR – Freedom of the City – 8 September 17

Below are a selection of photos of 7RAR’s parade and march through Adelaide.  As ever, click on the photo for improved viewing.

7RAR 2ic Major Scott Golden with Certificate granting Freedom of the City


Jump starting an APC


Our RARA photographers Carol and Jeff


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7RAR Sports Day – Tuesday 5 September

The day was hosted by the Brighton Rugby and AFL club

In the rugby match, 7 RAR defeated A squadron, 1 Armoured Regiment, 64-0 in an entertaining encounter.  In the AFL, the  Pigs once again dominated over their opponents, 16 ALR, by 70 points.

Around 400 people enjoyed the day which is part of 7 RAR’s birthday week celebrations with the freedom of the city being granted on Friday 8 September, followed by the battalion ball at the  Convention Centre on Saturday night.


Above are former 5/7 RAR members Tony Bailey, Darren Bald, Tony Hooker with former 5/7 member and now 7 RAR 2ic Major Scott Golden, Chris Shannon and Mark Freer all enjoying the hospitality at the Brighton Bombers AFL club bar.

Below are a selection of photos of the day (click on photos for better viewing).


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Two Items Worth Revisiting

Click on the image for improved viewing, 1967 I think.


Join Army

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New Info From DVA

You can read the info here

ESORT key facts – final

ACCC Consumer Guidance – Hearing aids and devices fact sheet

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner – Factsheet

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What Has Happened to our Warrior Ethics

A message from the RARA SA & National President Mike von Berg MC OAM

What Has Happened to our Warrior Ethics

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RARA SA Regimental Dinner 19 Aug 2017

Here are a few photos of our highly successful dinner.  As always, by selecting a photo you will be able to view a better photo as well as the caption for it.

And some nostalgic memories of our May 2013 Regimental Dinner


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Long Tan Day 2017

See a selection of photos taken at the Long Tan Day Service held at the Torrens Parade Ground.  As always, click on the photos for improved viewing and captions.


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Minister’s Annual Statement

You can view it here ministers statement

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RCB Update

Please view the latest news on the RCB campaign here RCB Update

There is an extensive history to this campaign under the Advocacy tab (above).

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August 2017 Edition of the Infantryman

Please note on the first page, the important statement concerning the RARA  SA Inc.  Our future has been secured at Linden Park!

This is as a result of the massive effort made by Mike von Berg, Rod Graham, Steve Larkins and Patron Laurie Lewis.  The work they have done has also secured the immediate future of the SA Branch of the RSL.  An outstanding achievement by them all.

Infantryman August 2017

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Latest Issue of Holdfast for July 2017, Issue No 31

Here is the latest Holdfast.  In this edition, there are numerous excellent articles and photos including one of 5 RAR’s Sergeant Rod Lees after the mine incident in June 1969 – the photo was supplied by Rod.


There is a very interesting article about FSB Andersen during February 1968.  Many of our 3RAR comrades will remember this Operation


Here is the link to the Tunnel Rats Newsletter page


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The Casualty List

The Casualty List has been off line for some time, here it is revived.

Note by clicking on the sub-headings, unit or coy/pl for example, you can then filter your searches.


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Women in the Infantry


An interesting article in the New York Times concerning women who have just completed their Infantry training.

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Infantryman Editions

Here is the April 2017 edition Infantryman April 2017

You can view the November 2016 edition here Infantryman November final 16.11.2016

the August 2016 edition here Infantryman August

and the April 2016 edition here Infantryman+April+2016

There are numerous excellent articles and a list of activities at HQ for the foreseeable future.

Archived Infantryman are under the Infantryman tab.

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Pocket Book for National Servicemen

Courtesy of the 5RAR website, here is some historical information which may help revive a number of fading memories


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