RARA SA Wine Tasting 25 March 2018

What a great afternoon of eating drinking and generally making merry with wonderful friends along with our two very learned wine experts in William Smidmore and Mike von Berg.  Of course without the wonderful team of workers who made it all happen and come together  and of course the Caterers who did a fabulous job and making life a little easier for the team – if I mention names then sure as eggs somebody will be left out and we cannot let that happen.  At the end of the afternoon in the clean up I managed to collect 20 sheets with 5 of those with completed points, 2 half completed and 13 fully completed with comments the result was “Hardy’s Siegersdorf Riesling” with 189 points followed by “Cat Amongst the Pigeons Shiraz” with 173.5 points, the “St Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux” which is sourced from the oldest sparkling wine producing region on the planet with 171.5 and the “Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir” at 118.5 points.  The mystery wine no totals but a couple of comments “Good lunch wine”, “very, very nice”, “drinkable”.

Some of the comments as follows: St Hilaire – “not a fan”, “good number of bubbles…”, “very crisp to the pallet”, “lovely”.  The Riesling – “nice”, “clean, crisp,” “fabulous”, “smooth finish well liked, best of a good bunch”, “yummy”, “always a good reliable favorite”.    The Pinot Noir – “very light sip, bit too chilled”, “wouldn’t drink again”, “wouldn’t buy”, “left me with a lingering taste of crushing disappointment”, “very soft palate”.   The Shiraz – “nice wine enjoyed this but I’m a red wine drinker”, “lovely smooth (old vines?)”, “very smooth, good aroma, 2016 bit young”, “full bodied, lovely”, “yum, and smells like blackberries”.   

So a great day had by all. Cheers. Mrs. Vice (aka Lynn Graham)

And photos – courtesy of Penelope & Bruce Forster – below, as always, click on photos for better viewing and captions.


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